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PG2000 book

Practical Geostatistics 2000
Coil bound book, soft covers
ISBN: 9780-9548911-1-4

GBP 40.00

PG2000 CD

Practical Geostatistics 2000
CD version
ISBN: 9780-9548911-2-1

GBP 33.33

PG2000 book

Practical Geostatistics 2000
Coil bound book & CD version
ISBN: 9780-9548911-1-4 & 9780-9548911-2-1

GBP 66.67

Answers to the Exercises

Practical Geostatistics 2000, Answers to the Exercises
Coil bound book, soft covers
ISBN: 9780-9548911-3-8

GBP 36.67

Case Studies

Practical Geostatistics 2000, Case Studies
Coil bound book, soft covers
ISBN: 9780-9548911-0-7

GBP 36.67


Tripod software package

software for the analysis of lognormal (and Normal) sample data

GBP 99

Ecosse software package

software for geostatistics in 2 dimensions

GBP 599

Ecosse 3D software for geostatistics

software for geostatistics in 2 AND 3 dimensions

GBP 2,100

Geostokos Toolkit software for geostatistics


The Geostokos Toolkit
software for mining geostatistics in 2 AND 3 dimensions
single copy commercial licence with support

GBP 9,900


unlimited educational and research licence
with support and updates in perpetuity

GBP 5,950



Wallace Monument

One-to-one training in Scotland

Bring your own data to analyse and discuss.
Choose your own dates to visit.

Work under the supervision of Isobel Clark and explore Braveheart country

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GBP 480 per training day

Alternatively, you can study online or attend short courses through
  or sign up for a scheduled class