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In addition to the 2 PG2000 book only amazon reviews, we now have a combo review:

Getting Started in Geostats, May 1, 2001

Reviewer: M.J Burnett from Benoni, Gauteng South Africa

Having first encountered geostatistics in a rather round about way, Isobel's first book was of great use, her second book has out done this. The 2000 version takes one from basics with non mathematical explanations of key concepts, through to the end result (linear kriging).

The examples are relevant and applicable in real life situations (As I work on a South African gold mine and am involved in geostatistical training this is the type of manual that I wished I had had a while back). The only short coming that I have is the use of a demo package of Isobel's software for the worked examples. I have found that one of the major stumbling blocks when doing geostatistics is the software, thus the reader would need to familiarise themselves with the software used by the company/ institution and then apply this to the examples or vica versa.

This is , as Isobel points out, an introductory book and not for advanced users. I would recommend this to anyone that has a limited exposure to geostatistics and is in a situation where they must teach themselves. Along with several other geostatistical practitioners I await her next book in anticipation.

Mark Burnett

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