Real Geostatistics (2 days)

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University of Florida Gainesville December 2005

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Isobel Clark

This is a new(ish) course, run for the first time at the University of Florida, Gainesville in December 2005. Described as an “intermediate” course on geostatistics, this two-day seminar uses case studies to illustrate the use of geostatistical methods in a variety of applications.

Using little or no mathematics, Isobel Clark discusses case studies involving interpretation of every-day questions, such as:

  • Is my data homogeneous enough for geostatistical mapping?
  • Do I have trends in my data and (if so) what kind?
  • How do I interpret semi-variograms which deviate from the ideal shapes?
  • What Kriging method should I use (if any)?
  • Should I be using Kriging results at all?

And many more!

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