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Personal Training for geostatistics

Price: £800 per training day


This informally structured training allows you to explore your own data with fundamental statistical and geostatistical techniques under the supervision of one of the foremost practitioners in the field. Dr Isobel Clark has taught and applied geostatistics (for a living!) for 50 years in fields as diverse as mineral resource evaluation and characterising weevils in Florida oranges. Contact Isobel for details or visit our courses web page

This training is aimed at any professionals dealing with the estimation from or interpolation between samples collected on a spatial basis. The major advantage of one-to-one training is that the time is scheduled to your own level of previous experience and on-the-job needs. No mathematical expertise is necessary to carry out the analyses. All techniques are illustrated by exercises covering many different applications and participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own data for discussion.

All participants receive a copy of Practical Geostatistics 2000 including all three current volumes and a USB drive containing the teaching software and data sets.

Venue for the training is our office in Alloa, Scotland. 6 miles from the site where William Wallace held the English back in 1297 and Robert the Bruce won back Scotland's independence in 1314. Alternatively, if we can dovetail it in with other work, Isobel might be able to come to your locale.

Personal training options can also be offered in Southern Africa. Contact Isobel for details and costs.

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