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From this page you can access all our free stuff. We provide "teaching" versions of our software, tutorials to help you get started, and lots of different data sets for you to analyse and learn from. Many of these data sets are analysed in detail in our textbooks in the Practical Geostatistics 2000 series.
If you are a teacher of geostatistics contact Isobel for free copies of everything else!.

EcoSSe is 25!    Geostokos Ecosse Limited is 25 years old:    EcoSSe is 25!
our birthday gift to you is a printable copy of Practical Geostatistics 2000 textbook in pdf (A4) format
-- free download from Dropbox

If you prefer US letter format, download the complete pdf here

For the original Practical Geostatistics (1979), download the complete pdf here

You can access all of the teaching files from our public dropbox.

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Note from Isobel: All free software has been uploaded on 4th February 2024
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