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Practical Geostatistics 2000 (Still the only real 'textbook' in Geostatistics)
The sequel to Isobelís 1979 Practical Geostatistics which is now available free to download

Where is she right now?
Isobel Clark
Isobel Clark



William (Wolfcamp) Harper
Bill Harper

This coil-bound book is designed for self-teaching or for use in geostatistics courses. It is aimed at "non-specialists" who want to apply geostatistics to their own data without getting mired in the mathematics. Each of the chapters has fully worked examples and exercises to practice with.

Data sets are varied, ranging from mining to environmental subjects and can be downloaded.

Free software can also be downloaded to complete most of the exercises.

Separate volumes of "answers" and case studies are also available to supplement the main book.

We also offer short courses!

Study online with the option to gain formal credits through EduMine.
Two courses cover the contents of Practical Geostatistics 2000:

Classical Statistics: Click here for statistics, lognormals, trend surfaces and much more

Spatial statistics: click here for inverse distance, semi-variograms, kriging and variations

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postplot of SIC97 data

histogram with lognormal model

anisotropic semi-variogram model

kriging with external drift