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Practical Geostatistics 2000: book plus CD combination offer

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Practical Geostatistics 2000 is an updated and extended version of the original Practical Geostatistics published in 1979.

Written by Isobel Clark and Bill Harper, this 442 page large format book is absolutely ideal for the beginner in geostatistics. Requiring no prior knowledge of statistics, each chapter is augmented by fully worked examples and by exercises for the student. An Answers volume is available separately.

Every effort has been made to pare away the extraneous mathematics and concentrate on intuitive derivations wherever possible. This book will not turn you into a fully fledged geostatistician but it will put you on the path of solving problems assisted by geostatistical approaches. All the analyses in the book are illustrated with real world data sets in full worked answers, and if you choose the CD version the data sets are included along with the necessary software to reproduce the analyses.

The CD version of PG2000 contains the book as multiple files in a LaTeX 'hypertext' format. The files have been created using Scientific Word and can be accessed using the (free) Scientific Notebook Viewer supplied on the CD (by agreement with MacKichan software).

Also on the CD are all of the data sets mentioned in PG2000 plus some extras. The software package PG2000_demo is included and updates can be downloaded via the Web at The EcoSSe Web pages

We have also been allowed to include Phillippe Marquis' wonderful graph paper plotter which can also be downloaded from all kinds of web sites including this one.

Also available are Answers to the Exercises and the new Case Studies which are sold separately. See our current Special Offers when you purchase more than one volume!

More details can be found at Geostokos (Ecosse) Limited

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