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My schedule for the next year is at this link. Let me know if there are any problems!

17th July 2017
Feeling very old -- 50 years since my daughter was born, as of tomorrow. Remembered always, with sorrow.

Got a quiet spell until my next course in Johannesburg. Anyone out there got something I can help with?
Great visit with IMERYS in Nevada:
working hard!

Next course in South Africa, 5 day combo Practical Geostatistics and BYO/MRE. August 21st to 25th. Click here for course brochure.

March Class working hard!
working hard!

Had a great time at the 8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in Perth WA in May. Co-author Simon Dominy. link to draft paper here .
Check out photos at conference web page.

Was planning a follow up on the WSBC8 paper, all about the mathematics of UC, SGS and other work-arounds for the whole change-of-support fiasco hopefully to be presented at the annual IAMG conference in Fremantle in September 2017. Unfortunately, recent lack of paying work means I probably will not make it to this conference. Sorry, guys.


2017, still very slow to start on the work front.
Anyone out there got a (paying) gig for an aging diva who still thinks she knows it all?

Still NEWS:As a very special present we are able to bring you a new translation of the original Practical Geostatistics (1979) into Arabic. My deepest thanks to Dr Ghazi Abdulfattah Saffarini of the University of Jordan and to Dr Abeer Sh. Salman of King Saud University for facilitating this effort. Click here to download pdf (<3.5Mb. Enjoy!