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15th July 2022 -- Safely back in Scotland after fleeing the heatwave in southern England!!!!!!

30 years since Geostokos re-located to the Alloa Business Centre! Thanks to all the wonderful staff at ABC who have supported us through the years. And lots of thanks for the flowers and champagne


Next planned course in Johannesburg will be 21-25 November 2022. Click here for brochure to see what is on offer and/or contact Hami at IBS Solutions in Johannesburg.
Still available for in-house courses, personal face-to-face training or (of course) real work. email me if you wish!


5 Day Practical Geostatistics and Mineral Resource Estimation 28 March to 1st April 2022 in Randburg, South Africa.
Many thanks to our participants in this course. 6 en-face and 7 online including attendees from Namibia and Zambia. Unfortunately our screen shot of the online people didn't take but many thanks to Laura, Harrison, Mietha, Mary, Cherryl, Makhlanu and Nosipo for listening. Here are the class-in-the-room:

The complete series of Practical Geostatistics 2000 textbooks is now available to buy in pdf format, supplied by Dropbox download. Check out Special Offers.
The complete series of Practical Geostatistics 2000 textbooks is now also available in proper electronic form, with hypertext links and associated spreadsheets. We are dubbing this Practical Geostatistics 2020. You can buy a copy on USB (or download from Dropbox) via our Special Offers shopping page.
If you are a teacher(!) contact Isobel for a complimentary copy NOW!