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1st January 2019 Happy New Year! All good wishes for health, wealth and happiness in 2019, from a very sunny Clackmannanshire.
Gary Crimble!! Gary Crimble!!

NEXT GIG: January 24-25 2019 will see our "Real Geostatistics" seminar/workshop in Johannesburg. This is a two-day talk session where we discuss case studies from the real world and give participants the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and trials in applying geostatistical methods. We assume some background in geostatistics (e.g. taking the PG/MRE course!) on your part. Download the brochure and express your interest NOW.

Australia!: Class planned for Perth WA in 2019, probably August. Sorry about the postponement, steep learning curve! Watch this space for the brochure!

Other proposed courses in 2019:
Johannesburg (well, Randburg!), week of 25th March
Zimbabwe, July 2019
Ghana: September 2019
Please contact Isobel or Shaun at TSK to express interest in any of these!


Watch this space carefully for a possible Chinese translation of Practical Geostatistics (1979) -- so exciting!
Download first draft here (3Mb). Comments (in English!) click here
This work being carried out by (English Name) Fu Yang, Master of Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration In Jilin University, Company: China Building Materials Mining Corporation, Technical Post: Engineer, (MAusIMM)


We are able to bring you a translation of the original Practical Geostatistics (1979) into Arabic. My deepest thanks to Dr Ghazi Abdulfattah Saffarini of the University of Jordan and to Dr Abeer Sh. Salman of King Saud University for facilitating this effort. Click here to download pdf (<3.5Mb). Enjoy!