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5th May 2020
We remain under lockdown in South Africa at Level 4. Air France just cancelled my flight to Scotland booked for 22nd June. Guess they know more than the rest of us? Stay safe, stay well, stay at home, stay calm.

2020 training and short courses
We started this year with a broad optimistic programme of short courses across Southern Africa. That has all gone by the board with the current lockdowns. Our organisers, TSK and Spectacular, have agreed that we should probably consider October as the earliest possibility for re-starting short courses -- and that will depend on South Africa getting to Level 1 by then. So, keep an eye out for posts here as things progress.

Enquiries about course details to Shaun Moodley .
Technical enquiries to Isobel.
Remember, we do dedicated in-house courses and one-to-one training.

November 2019 class at Ferndale Lodge (missing Daniel as per most of the course, sic).
Possibly my last course ever.............. Maybe I should write a book? Oh, wait, I did that already.