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7th January 2021
So Happy New Year, I guess. First snow of 2021 and temperatures fairly mild at minus 2 degrees C low, plus 2 high.

Still under total lockdown in Scotland officially until end-January but have no confidence in that. Have rebooked my return to South Africa for end-March so as to be out of quarantine in time for our planned course in April.

Christmas decorations down as of Twelfth Night, yesterday.

Predicated on being allowed to travel by then: Next Practical Geostatistics/MRE workshop in Johannesburg 12th to 16th April 2021. This will be a hybrid course with people able to "attend" online. Be warned, though, that we still need enough bodies in the room to make it viable! All attendees get the usual books supplied in pdf format and CPD units from GSSA.
The complete series of Practical Geostatistics 2000 textbooks is now available in proper electronic form, with hypertext links and associated spreadsheets. We are dubbing this Practical Geostatistics 2020. All physical attendees in April will be gifted a free copy in addition to the usual books in pdf format. We are working on making this available via download, but at the moment you can buy a copy on USB via our Special Offers shopping page.


Our LAST (ever?) Practical Geostatistics/MRE workshop 17-21 August 2020: a small select (?) class with all safety measures in place