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Practical Introduction to Geostatistics (3 days)


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JRC-IES, Ispra
JRC-IES, Ispra, Italy, October 2005


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Isobel Clark
Isobel Clark

Kriging is the name given to a particular group of techniques which model spatial processes and allow estimation of values at unsampled locations. In mining, geostatistics is extensively used in the field of reserve valuation - the estimation of grades and other parameters from a relatively small set of borehole or other samples. Originally developed in mining, geostatistics is now widely used in many other fields. Obviously there are geological and geographical applications. However, the techniques are also used in such diverse fields as hydrology, ground water and air pollution, soil science and agriculture, forestry, epidemiology and weather prediction.

This course is aimed at any professionals dealing with the estimation from or interpolation between samples collected on a spatial basis. This is not a course for specialist geostatisticians but intended rather for those who wish to use geostatistics to enhance their practical applications or research.

No prior knowledge of statistics or geostatistics is assumed. A minimum of mathematics is necessary to explain the techniques - mainly simple algebra, up to the concepts of solving simple sets of simultaneous equations and differentiating x. Questions and discussions are actively encouraged and, indeed, form the basis of a successful course.

This course is 3 days which are equivalent to Zero to Kriging with lectures augmented by practical PC/laptop-based exercises covering many different applications. This course is designed to complement the Edumine online course and access to Edumine is provided as part of the registration. Contact Isobel or Edumine if you have questions about this.

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