Practical Geostatistics 1979 by Isobel Clark

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Practical Geostatistics 1979 was written purely to plug a hole in the then geostatistical and statistical literature and get my Final Year Mining students off my back! To be honest, it was my hope at the time (ah, youth) that someone would take the hint and write a good introductory text to the whole field. Whilst there are now many geostatistical books on the market, this doesn’t seem to have happened — at least, not in a form that most non-specialists can readily make use of. So I was driven to write a new book — one which marries statistics and geostatistics in practice so that the reader can see how one grows logically out of the other.


When the 'old' book was taken out of print by the publishers (Elsevier Applied Science), the copyright of the text reverted to me as the author. It is, therefore, my legal right to do what I like with it! If you feel bad about getting a free copy, send a small donation to your local Salvation Army branch.

Check out Practical Geostatistics 2000 co-authored by Isobel Clark and Bill Harper, available at
the EcoSSe North America site or at the European EcoSSe site. This is an old-fashioned text book (worked examples, problems to solve, answers in a separate volume.............).

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Happy reading and remember, we were all 25 years younger when this book was written (including my photo!!).