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EcoSSe 3D software for 2D and 3D geostatistics

EcoSSe 3D - software for geostatistics in 2 and 3 dimensions

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for a more detailed description see a paper presented at EnviroSoft 2000
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Unlimited Licence 10 copies                  Unlimited Educational Licence 5 copies

EcoSSe 3D provides statistical and geostatistical evaluation for sample information with locations in two dimensions and operates under Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP and Vista.

Based on the more comprehensive Geostokos Toolkit, which has been developed over 35 years, EcoSSe 3D provides an affordable option for users who wish to analyse their data without becoming specialists in geostatistics.

Major features on the EcoSSe 3D menus for studying sample data in 2 and 3 dimensions are:

    • Basic statistical analysis - histograms, scattergrams, nearest neighbour analyses;
    • Calculation and interactive modelling of semi-variograms;
    • Cross validation of semi-variogram model and kriging process;
    • Ordinary, universal, lognormal, rank and indicator kriging for points in 2 and 3 dimensions (maps);
    • Conditional simulation for Normal and lognormal values in 2 and 3 dimensions;
    • Principal components analysis;
    • Co-semi-variograms, both co-located and non-co-located

Other features include: fault lines (discontinuities or boundaries); inverse distance interpolation; trend surface analysis; filtering by value, geographic boundary or "area code"; storage and retrieval of intermediate result files.

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